Lingoloop was created

by educators.

Before starting Lingoloop, we studied the industry and realized we could do a much better job than the competition. We found websites with grammatical errors. We saw videos of terribly useless classes - boring lectures where students didn’t even get a chance to speak.

We sensed an opportunity, and Lingoloop was born.

Today we are 100% focused on the learning needs of our customers. We listen to their hopes and try our best to help them realize their dreams. We keep our classes engaging and interactive... and of course, we make learning fun. Also, we hire talented teachers so that we can provide the best classroom experience for our students.

We have made every effort to make Lingoloop a premium learning experience… and our customers love it!

Ekta - India

"It's been a wonderful experience with Lingoloop. It's very convenient and flexible. Teachers are great and helpful. They work on your pronunciation, grammar and other mistakes. Now I feel more confident during the conversations."

Annie - China

"I enjoyed having classes on Lingoloop's English program. It's funny and relaxed. The teachers could understand what I meant and give me the correct, very common sentences. I am getting more confident on speaking. I'll keep on their classes."

Silvia - Cuba

"I think that is the best program to learn English and the teachers are excellent."

Melanie - Montreal

"With Lingoloop I improved my English quickly because I only work on my weaknesses.

I'm more confident when I speak English because I use what I have learned. I realize that I remember more easily what I learn with this method. I am now able to avoid some mistakes or to correct myself. It's easy to schedule class, no need to travel (we can do our classes anywhere!) and it's affordable. Teachers are friendly, professional and concerned about our needs."

Ana - Moldova

"Thanks to Lingoloop, now I can speak with confidence, with more enthusiasm and I do not feel ashamed anymore of my pronunciation, and speaking. I am very pleased because now I can even feel and smile in English."

Rand - Syria

"The best thing I have done this year is starting Lingoloop. It is an excellent program that helps me speak English with pride, confidence, joy and enthusiasm. Their method of writing my words on the screen lets me focus and memorize much better. It is an amazing method, one of a kind. Thanks Lingoloop! I really love it."

Anonymous - Ukraine

"Very interesting, productive, convenient classes!!! All teachers are great! Absolutely love it and highly recommend!"

Jie - China

"I like Lingoloop. The lesson I take about three month that make my English improved. Hope has a lot of people improve their English through Lingoloop."

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