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Feel good speaking English. Improve quickly with expert tutors for as low as $10 per class.

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Best Online English Class for CEOs, Doctors and Grandmas

Our customers love us! Lingoloop has a 4.9 star Google rating.

See what some of our students have to say about our English classes online.


"The best thing I have done this year is starting Lingoloop. It is an excellent program that helps me speak English with pride, confidence, joy and enthusiasm. Their method of writing my words on the screen lets me focus and memorize much better. It is an amazing method, one of a kind. Thanks Lingoloop! I really love it." - Rand


"Thanks to Lingoloop, now I can speak with confidence, with more enthusiasm and I do not feel ashamed anymore of my pronunciation, and speaking. I am very pleased because now I can even feel and smile in English." - Ana


"With Lingoloop I improved my English quickly because I only work on my weaknesses. I'm more confident when I speak English because I use what I have learned. I realize that I remember more easily what I learn with this method. I am now able to avoid some mistakes or to correct myself. It's easy to schedule class, no need to travel (we can do our classes anywhere!) and it's affordable. Teachers are friendly, professional and concerned about our needs." - Melanie


"Thanks a lot, I am recovering my lost self confidence with you guys!" - Omid


"It's been a wonderful experience with Lingoloop. It's very convenient and flexible. Teachers are great and helpful. They work on your pronunciation, grammar and other mistakes. Now I feel more confident during the conversations." - Ekta


"I think that it is the best program to learn English and the teachers are excellent." - Silvia

Speak English with Confidence

We have a different approach to delivering a high quality english class online. Watch our short video to learn more.

How will I improve?


Practice Makes Perfect

Our online English classes are guided conversations with our expert tutors.

Is based on a topic you already know (in your first language). We will help you improve your English speaking skills on topics like culture and business. You will feel more comfortable speaking English in your everyday life.


"A-Ha!" Moments

During your class, your tutor will type on the screen any mistakes you make in grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation.

They will show you the corrections and teach you different ways to say things. You will learn new words and even some slang or idioms.



After just one class, you will realize the mistakes your are making.

You will begin to correct yourself. You will become more fluent. You will become a confident English speaker.

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Be the center of the conversation.

Speaking English well is as much about confidence as it is about grammar. In our online English classes, we focus on building your confidence with the English you already know, while also correcting your technical issues.

We have helped thousands of people just like you achieve their goals for their career, relationships and everyday life.

Whether it is improving your English to help you find a new job or speak with your child's teacher, Lingoloop English classes online can help.

How does it work?

Pick plan

We have 3 different plans for learning at different speeds. Pick a plan that works for your budget and needs.

Choose class

Take classes as often or as little as you like. You set your own schedule and you can change it any time.

Join class

Before the start of each class, your tutor will email you a link. Click on the link to join your class. It's that simple.

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Lingoloop Membership Plans

Basic Plan


per month

Our entry level plan is the most flexible. Buy 4 group classes per month for $15.00 each. You can buy more tickets as you need them.

Standard Plan


per month

Our most popular package features up to 8 group classes (or two 1-on-1 classes) per month. The price per group class is $12.50.

Pro Plan


per month

For serious learners who want to make an impact quickly, the Pro Plan features up to 20 group classes (or five 1-on-1 classes) per month. The Pro Plan is our best value at $10.00 per group class!

Every membership includes:

  • Class notes emailed after every class
  • Expert teachers, native speakers
  • All online English classes 50 minutes long
  • Group and 1-on-1 English classes available
  • Best customer support in the industry
  • Over 200 lesson topics available
  • Tickets are good for 60 days
  • Friend referral bonuses and class invites
  • Upgrade or cancel anytime
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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