Lingoloop Online English Course

lingoloop online english course

Have you thought about taking an online English course? There are many online English courses to choose from. As a Lingoloop tutor, I’d like to share some thoughts about why Lingoloop is the best online English course!

Communication is key

Some learning programs boast that you can speak English fluently in six weeks, or that learning a language using the newest method will be “easy.” The truth is, any method of learning a language is just an artificial version of the truly effective way in which people have been learning languages since the dawn of civilization: communication!

Language is an integral part of who we are and how we relate to one another. Language learning is a dynamic process. It needs to be interactive, but personal. So if the method or technology strips the “person” out of it, you aren’t left with much. 

The art of conversation

That’s what I love about teaching on Lingoloop. Here, we help you improve your English through the art of conversation. When I log on to begin my evening tutoring sessions, I feel like I’m sitting down with friends. Mugs of coffee or glasses of water in hand, we discuss the lesson topic, along with events and issues going on in our native countries and around the world. We answer discussion questions, but we also share stories, advice, recipes, laughter, and perspective. We connect. Sure, we pause long enough to correct a mispronunciation or a pesky irregular verb, or to pick up a new vocabulary word or expression. I mean, you’re here to learn to speak English! But soon we’re back to talking again. In language learning, communication is both the end result and the method to get you there. Practicing real English conversations with our 5-star online English course allows your English to improve organically and meaningfully.

Speak English fluently

To speak English fluently means the ability to speak easily and accurately. Do you know a lot of grammar and vocabulary, but just can’t seem to relax and avoid mistakes when you speak? If fluency is what you seek, then conversation practice is the method you need. Studying grammar textbooks or word lists is great, but the only way to speak English confidently is to speak and listen more and more, especially with a native speaker who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to correct your mistakes.

Invest in yourself… take an online English course

Maybe for you an online English course is the gateway to a new career, an academic goal, preparation for travel, or just an item on your “bucket list.” Regardless, the only way to get started is to start, and the only way to succeed is to keep going. If you’re ready to speak English confidently, then it’s time to connect with a tutor on Lingoloop.

See you in class!


Teacher Steve (check out my video below!)