Lingoloop Advanced English Class Online

Are you looking for an advanced English class online? Then you’ve come to the right place.

There is a misconception that online English classes are for beginners only. Lingoloop does help beginners, but most of our clients are advanced English speakers. 

Many of our students are professionals – people who work in IT / Software, Finance, IT and other industries. They know English fairly well, but they struggle using it in a business context. Sometimes it is their accent or word choice they are concerned with. However, often it is specific situations or goals that they want to improve (see below).

Common Issues for Advanced English Learners 

#1 Presentations – Many people are nervous about making presentations. When you add the complexity of doing it in your second language… it can be even more nerve-wracking! Lingoloop helps people feel more comfortable using English. The more relaxed you are, the better you’ll be at presenting. In our private lessons we can help in this way the most. 

#2 Talking with Customers – This is a big concern for our professional learners. Sales is everything to most businesses and speaking with customers is an important skill.

#3 Talking with Colleagues – Many of our students fear that they are being misunderstood because of accent, grammar etc. Our expert tutors can help simplify your language so that nothing gets lost in translation.

#4 Accent – While many students fear their accent is throwing people off… it’s an area we feel is overblown. We don’t want to get rid of your accent, we like to work on pronunciation. Accents are a part of who we are! 

#5 Culture – Many of our advanced learners who are recent immigrants struggle with understanding Western culture and idiomatic expressions. This can be a challenge when wanting to bond with your team or make small talk. 

The Lingoloop Method 

Lingoloop is great for students seeking advanced English classes online primarily because of our flexible curriculum for conversational English. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, our lessons are structured so that whatever the topic or content, you will grow as an English speaker. 

Our lessons are guided conversations led by our expert tutors. The tutors listen and let you do the talking. They analyze your speech and provide feedback in real time. Our students love our system and give us 5-star reviews!

At the beginning, we assess every student’s English level so that only advanced students learn together. And while you are a Lingoloop student, we can adjust your level up or down according to your needs.

If Lingoloop’s advanced online English classes sound interesting to you, give it a try! Sign up for a free trial class today.