Improve English For Work

Your emails will be going like hot cakes!

“Why do you need to improve your English?” This is one of the first questions we ask our students when we meet them for the first time. It’s a simple, but important question. Do you need to improve your English for work? Are you learning for social reasons? Or maybe you need to improve your English generally.

Nearly two thousand people have answered our survey since we started keeping track. For “Why do you need to improve your English?” we offer three choices in the survey: Work, Social & Everyday Life. Of course we let our students submit any combination of those 3 choices as well. Here are the results (below) and they are constantly being updated:

Most of our learners want to improve for a variety of reasons. The majority choose “all of the above” and many choose a combination of two of the reasons.

However when you look at the results of students who have only picked one choice, Work is the dominant answer. It make sense that many of you are seeking to improve your English for work. In fact, many of our students use Lingoloop to get ahead at their current job or to help them find the next one.

Our professional learners have the following goals:

  1. Improve their presentation skills
  2. Feel better speaking English with Western clients
  3. Gain confidence speaking during meetings
  4. Understand Western culture, slang and idiomatic expression
  5. Build better relationships with their co-workers


Do you want to improve your English for work?

At Lingoloop, we really care about your goals as an English learner. We do our best to track your goals and keep you on a path toward achieving them! If improving your English for work is your general goal, Lingoloop is a great fit for you. Sign up for a free trial class to start a conversation with one of our expert tutors.

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