What happens in a Lingoloop English class online?

Are you looking to try an English class online?

We bet you are wondering what it is like. How are the teachers? What is it like learning with a group? How will I improve? Will it be fun? It’s natural to have some questions about it.

The good news is that online learning is no longer just a futuristic dream. The world has quickly accepted online video chat as a form of communication and it is a great way for English learners to practice speaking from anywhere!

Lingoloop is a top-rated online English program. Our students love us and give us 5-star reviews! If you are curious about what happens during a Lingoloop English class online, watch this short video below featuring some of our expert teachers!


Lingoloop’s English class online is a great way to build your confidence speaking English

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Describe a time when a student felt good speaking English

We love to hear about our students feeling good speaking English

We have so many success stories from our students. Practice makes progress… and we love it when we see and hear our students make small gains in every class. Eventually those small gains add up to a big gain!

Watch Teacher Karina describe a special moment that she witnessed while teaching a Lingoloop class.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, confidence is a big part of English speaking well.

Are you struggling to speak English? Do the words get stuck in your head before they are able to come out of your mouth? Sign up for a Lingoloop free trial class to feel good speaking English.

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What makes the Lingoloop online English course unique?

Find out how Lingoloop is different from other online English courses

There are many ways you can improve your English online. From videos, to games and courses… there are so many choices and many of them are quite good.

When it comes to online English courses, we feel that Lingoloop is unique. For starters, we are one of the highest-rated online English programs out there! Take a look at our 5-star reviews.

A big reason why we have been successful is our teachers. Teacher Sarah (below) is one of the many reasons why Lingoloop is so great! Watch the short video below to find out why she thinks Lingoloop is such a unique program.

Want to try out this unique online English class?

Are you struggling to speak English? Do the words get stuck in your head before they are able to come out of your mouth? Sign up for a Lingoloop free trial class to feel good speaking English.

We have trial classes nearly every day of the week. We are looking forward to meeting you:)


Who is the typical Lingoloop student? – Teacher Helena

We have students from all walks of life.

The saying “all walks of life” is an expression that means people from all different backgrounds.

We have learners who are software developers, lawyers, teachers and even grandmothers seeking to improve their English so that they can communicate with loved ones.

Even though there are so many different kinds of people who join Lingoloop… they do share some common traits. In the short video below, Teacher Helena breaks down the qualities of a typical Lingoloop learner.

What do you think? Are you the typical Lingoloop student?

Well, does this sound like you?

We know it doesn’t feel good to fall short of your own expectations! We have developed a system to improve your confidence speaking English at any level.

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Meet Teacher Jacob

Teacher Jacob loves to say hello… in many languages! Come see why Jacob is one of our most popular Lingoloop tutors:)

Are you struggling to speak English with confidence? Our students give us 5-star ratings because we help them feel good speaking English! Sign up for a Lingoloop free trial class today to learn more about our 5-star program!
You won’t believe what our students are saying about us…



Meet Teacher Jeanne

When Teacher Jeanne is not teaching she enjoys the great outdoors. Watch the video below to learn more about her.

Are you looking to improve your confidence speaking English? Do you want to speak English more fluently?

Try a Lingoloop online English class. Our caring, expert teachers will help you achieve your goals. Sign up for a free trial class today!

You won’t believe what our students are saying about Lingoloop🙂

Meet Teacher Hannah

Our students give us 5-star reviews in part because they love our awesome teachers! Meet Lingoloop Teacher Hannah. She has some really exciting news to share:)



Now that you’ve learned a bit more about Teacher Hannah, try a Lingoloop free trial class!

Are you looking to improve your confidence speaking English? Do you want to speak English more fluently?

Our caring, expert teachers will help you achieve your goals. Sign up for a free trial class today!

You won’t believe what our students are saying about Lingoloop



Best Business English Class Online


Looking for a business English class online?

It’s no secret that English has become the global language of business. Whether you work in the US, or have global customers… speaking English confidently is very important. Taking an online business English course is key for busy professionals!

Lingoloop is a great way to build your confidence and improve your English for work. Just see what our customers have to say (below).

Lingoloop customers want to improve their English for work

“Why do you need to improve your English?” This is one of the first questions we ask our students when we meet them for the first time. It’s a simple, but important question.

Nearly two thousand people have answered our survey since we started keeping track. For “Why do you need to improve your English?” we offer three choices in the survey: Work, Social & Everyday Life. Of course we let our students submit any combination of those 3 choices as well. Here are the results (below) and they are constantly being updated:

Most of our learners want to improve for a variety of reasons. The majority choose “all of the above” and many choose a combination of two of the reasons.

However when you look at the results of students who have only picked one choice, Work is the dominant answer. In fact, many of our students use Lingoloop to improve their business communication skills so that they can get ahead at their current job or to help them find the next one.

Our professional learners have the following goals:

  1. Improve their presentation skills
  2. Feel better speaking English with Western clients
  3. Gain confidence speaking during meetings
  4. Understand Western culture, slang and idiomatic expression
  5. Build better relationships with their co-workers

Does this sound like you? We really care about our students’ goals and we know how difficult it can be to use English in the workplace. 

online English free trial Lingoloop

Business English is hard when you are a non-native speaker

You may be asking yourself “How can I improve my Business English?” Well, even the most advanced English learners can struggle with how to improve their professional English speaking skills. Some of it comes from not having the right words or mispronouncing them, but much of that struggle can be from a lack of confidence or fluency (being able to speak without hesitation).

We asked our Lingoloop students about the challenges of using English in the workplace. Here is a list of their concerns.

#1 “I don’t want to seem impolite.”

A recent student who works in a corporate job wanted to learn how to say “I can’t right now, but I’ll finish it by the end of the week.”  She feels when she says anything other than “yes,” it might come across as impolite. Of course there are many polite ways to say “No” in English. But it can be difficult to think of them on the spot! When you have a chance look at our recent blog post about different ways to say “no.”


#2 “I feel like people stop listening to me.”

Another comment we get from people in management positions is that they feel that their team members stop listening to them after a few sentences because the listeners are distracted by the speaker’s limited vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.

One way to improve in this area is to learn the jargon (idiomatic expressions) of your field. There are so many idiomatic expressions and acronyms in business! People love to find a short way to say something. It will help you speak more succinctly and connect with your co-workers. 

It can be frustrating when people don’t listen to you! It becomes distracting and can lead to the next thing on our list.


#3 “I lose my train of thought.”

It can happen to the best of us, but it happens a little too often to non-native speakers. Because many of our students are stressed about having to speak English, little things can derail their thoughts. All of a sudden, you forget what you were going to say!

Even if you are focusing on improving your vocabulary, don’t forget that it’s important to practice using what you learn. Lingoloop group classes are a great way to practice speaking in front of others and improve your focus. Many students claim feeling more confidence after just a few classes!


#4 “I feel insecure when I’m on a conference call.”

There is something unnatural about speaking on a conference call. Only one person can speak at a time! There are awkward pauses and moments where people can’t hear. Even worse, now with video calls on Zoom, Facetime and Skype, there is the added pressure of worrying about what you look like. If you have Zoom anxiety check out our recent blog post about this topic! 


#5 “Small talk is difficult for me.”

Some of our learners have little problem with speaking English in a technical setting, but when it comes to making “small talk” with co-workers, they don’t know what to say (or maybe they don’t know what others are saying). Some of it is cultural and some of it has to do with idiomatic expression. There are so many colorful ways to say things in English! It can be hard for non-native speakers to understand. 

Is Business English hard for you?

We really listen to and care about our students. Do any of these reasons sound like something you would say?

If so, sign up for a Lingoloop Free trial class and improve your business English with our 5-star online English course.

Learn to speak English professionally and with confidence. Try it today!


Affordable Online English Classes

Are you looking for an inexpensive online English class? Maybe you googled “cheap English class online.” There are definitely many online affordable English classes for English learners on a budget. If you are searching for a low priced online English class, it means that you are serious about improving and you don’t want to spend much money. We understand!

Before you make a decision on cost alone, there are a few other things you should consider. Also, if you are interested in trying our 5-star online English program with a discount – go to the end of the article to get a coupon code!


How much value are you getting?

Sometimes you pay for what you get. If something is low priced… it’s probably for a reason!

Lingoloop online English classes are affordable, but they are not the cheapest on the market. We have very high quality standards and only bring you the best teachers – teachers who are experts and have experience teaching online.

So you’ll be getting more for your money! Whether you need to improve your English for work, for social reasons or everyday life, we’ve got you covered:)


How are the reviews?

We pride ourselves on having nearly a 5 star average rating on google. In fact, if you google “5 star rated English class” or “5 star online English class” Lingoloop is the first organic search result! 

Our students love us! They love the teachers and they love the method. We are getting results and helping our students achieve their goals. You won’t believe what out students say about us in our customer reviews.


How’s the customer service?

This is probably the most important thing to consider. Does the company care about making their customers happy? Do they listen to their customers? 

If you send an email will you get a response quickly? If you leave a message will they call you back? 

I can say with 100% confidence that Lingoloop offers the best customer service in our industry. You’ll find out after you join:)


What do you mean by affordable online English classes? Do you want the cheapest option, or the best value?

Like I said before, Lingoloop is not the cheapest option… but it may offer the best value! We really care about our students’ needs and we want to help them achieve their goals as fast as possible. We are really proud of our 5-star rating and our customer success stories.

If you want to try a 5-star online English class, sign up for a free trial class today!

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