English to Class? Hmm…

Is “English to Class” what you searched for? Don’t worry, we know what you mean… 

English to Class? You must be looking for English classes near you, or looking for an online English class. If you want to improve your English speaking online then you have come to the right place:) 

Lingoloop is a leader in online English classes – our teachers have helped thousands of people improve their English one class at a time. As you may have noticed, we have very good reviews! Our students consistently give us 5-star ratings. 

When it comes to English classes online there is much competition. You may ask how is Lingoloop different?

Our students give us 5-star reviews because…

1. We have great teachers!

We are not a platform. All of our teachers are hand-picked. They need to have the right combination of skills, personality and care to teach for Lingoloop.

2. People like our unique method

We created a method that works for all kinds of learners. Even if you are looking for an advanced English classe online, Lingoloop will work for you. We get you to talk about subjects you already know (in your home language). By practicing discussions about these subjects (with our expert teachers) you will become more fluent. In every class you will make progress. Before you know it you’ll be correcting yourself!

3. Best customer service in the industry

We really care about making our customers happy! It’s rare that you’ll find an online company that will have a person call you back when you leave a message. Our team prides itself on being responsive and helping those in need. We are the most human online company out there!


I could write more reasons why Lingoloop is special, but I think the best way to find out is to try it. We offer free trial classes every day! If you want to learn why “English to class” doesn’t sound right click here to sign up for a free trial class with one of our expert teachers!