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Searching for an English speaking course?

If you are looking for an English speaking course online, you might agree with our opinion (below):

English is one of those things that is easy on paper (reading, writing, or taking a test). But when it comes to English conversation, it can be more difficult – especially when English is your second language.

One example of this we see a lot is international students studying in the U.S. and Canada. They get good TOEFL and IELTS scores, but when they have to speak English in the real world, they freeze!

Of course, there are many ways to improve your English online. You can read articles. You can watch videos on Youtube. You can also use educational game sites like Duolingo. However, there is a limit to how effective those things are if your main goal is to speak with confidence.

If you want to feel good speaking English, you have to practice. Ideally, you will practice with someone who is an expert, native English speaker. 

Improving your speaking in an online English conversation class is the way to go! There are many options and many things you should consider.

Of course, we think Lingoloop offers the best value for an English speaking course, but make sure to ask the following questions before you decide!

What are your goals? 

Before your choose an English speaking course online, consider your goals. At Lingoloop, we like to start out by asking about your goals. It’s a simple but important question, because our goal is to help you achieve yours!

Most people who choose our online English speaking classes have professional goals. They know some English, but they want to improve so that they can talk freely in work meetings or give a presentation without stress. Other learners want to improve for social reasons, like talking to their grandchildren or neighbors.

Throughout the process we will check in with you to see how you are doing with your goals. Bit by bit we want to help you make progress.


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What are the teachers like?

We have the best English teachers online! Our Lingoloop tutors have helped thousands of people improve their English with our 5-star English speaking course online.

Lingoloop is not a marketplace for tutors that anyone can join. We actually interview everyone one of our teachers to make sure they are a good fit for our program.

At a minimum we expect that all of our teachers already have some experience in a classroom (online and in person) and the skills to help our students reach their goals quickly.

In addition, we look for teachers with a great personality who can make learning fun! You don’t have to take our word for it… you can try the best online English class right now.

What is the teaching method?

We have a flexible method that is good for all kinds of learners. However, we are mainly focused on conversation. We want to make you a better speaker… but also, a better communicator! Most importantly we want to help you build your confidence.

We believe that good grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are the goals of every lesson… they are not the actual lesson! In each class we have a lesson plan that focuses on a practical real world topic. One day you may be practicing a conversation at a grocery store. In another lesson you might be discussing politics or even practicing an interview. Our Lingoloop tutors type what everyone is saying and provides real-time notes and corrections.


Practice makes… progress!

Our classes are designed to make sure our students are the ones doing most of the talking. This is your time to practice. Our tutors are not lecturing. We offer guided conversations that get you speaking. Think of our tutors as trainers helping you with an English speaking workout:)

At the end of every class, you will get an email with the class notes so that you can practice outside of class. Over time, you will anticipate these mistakes before you make them and gain more confidence speaking English.

If you are not interested in improving your conversation, something like Duolingo might be better for you! Also, sites like Voice of America have great free video content for passive learning.

How many students are in each class?

Learning is not one size fits all. Also, it is really important to change things up to keep your learning interesting. That’s why we have 3 different class types: Group (4 people), Duo (2 people) and Individual (1 person).

The Lingoloop regular Group class is a great social experience. It’s also a great way to practice speaking in front of a group. Duo classes are a great way to learn with a buddy. Sometimes we have 2 friends join Lingoloop together and the Duo classes are perfect for pairs! The Individual classes are for learners who need 1-on-1 time to focus on specific goals.

Most people do a mix of these classes to support their learning goals.

What are the reviews like?

The best way to know if people are satisfied with our English speaking course online is to read our reviews. And we are proud to say that we have a 4.9 star rating on google. In fact, if you google a “5-star rated online English class” we will show up first in the search results:) Our students love Lingoloop because:

1. We have great teachers!

We are not a platform. All of our teachers are hand-picked. They need to have the right combination of skills, personality and care to teach for Lingoloop.

2. People like our unique method

We created a method that works for all kinds of learners. Even if you are looking for an advanced English class online, Lingoloop will work for you. We get you to talk about subjects you already know (in your home language). By practicing discussions about these subjects (with our expert teachers) you will become more fluent. In every class you will make progress. Before you know it you’ll be correcting yourself!

3. Best customer service in the industry

We really care about making our customers happy! It’s rare that you’ll find an online company that will have a person call you back when you leave a message. Our team prides itself on being responsive and helping those in need. We are the most human online company out there!

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