Where do you live?

How can I talk about where I live, or where I am from? That is a common question for LingoLoop learners. Here is a list of some common words you can use during a conversation about where you live.



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Holiday Vocabulary – Christmas

Can you name find all of the Christmas items in the picture?

Learn English Online Holiday Christmas

Santa hat
Peppermint swirl lollipop
Jingle bells
Peppermint sucker
Elf stocking
Christmas orange
Candy cane
Santa Claus
Gingerbread man
Christmas Tree
Snow globe
Tree topper star
Knit hat
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Can you find the desserts in the picture?

Learn English Online Desserts
Vanilla Ice Cream Pint
Chocolate Cream Pie
Shortbread Cookies
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
Neopolitan Cake
Jelly Roll Cake
Ice Cream Sandwich


Listen to this audio to hear the proper pronunciations from a native speaker.


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Restaurant Lingo

#1 Arrival

Learn English Online Restaurant


host (male or female)/Hostess (female) = the person who greets you at the front of the restaurant, gives you your menus and takes you to your seat

party = the group of people with whom you are eating

menu = food choices, usually printed on paper at a sit-down restaurant or on the wall at a fast food restaurant


#2 Ordering a Drink

Learn English Online Ordering Drink


server/waitress/waiter = the person who takes your order and brings you food

tap water = water from the faucet, or public water supply, free of charge.

bottled water = water served in a sealed bottle and usually costs extra.

#3 Ordering Appetizers

Learn English Online Restaurant


appetizer/starter/something to start = small plate of food before the main meal

for the table = to share with everyone at the table

#4 Ordering Entrees

Learn English Online Ordering Food Restaurant


Entree/Main course = the big meal, comes after appetizers and before dessert

On the side/side dish = on a small plate separate from the main plate but served with the main plate

#5 Satisfaction

Learn English Online Steak


Send it back = to refuse food that is served to you and ask that it be replaced or changed by the kitchen staff

#6 Ordering Dessert

Learn English Online Dessert


Dessert = a small plate of sweet food after the main meal

I’m stuffed = I just ate a lot and I am not hungry at all!

Decaf = decaffeinated, or without caffeine (the stuff that makes you awake when you drink coffee!)

#7 Paying the Check

Learn English Online Paying the Check


All set = all ready, ready to go

Check/bill = a list of the items you ordered and the total price; you pay this at the end of the meal


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Shopping at a Department Store

#1 – Can I Help You?

Learn English Online Shopping


Clerk = a worker at a department store or other retail outlet

Ma’am = short for “madame,” the word used to addressed married or older women

Sir = the word used to address men

Miss = the word used to address unmarried or young women

Department = section of a store, usually organized by the type of thing you can buy there (such as shoes, men’s clothing, kid’s clothing, etc.)

“I’m just looking” = a polite way to tell a clerk that you do not need help and are not interested in buying anything right now

#2 – Asking for Help

Learn English Online Shopping

Vocabulary (the following are all formal greetings):

Ma’am = usually used for older women. Short for “madame”

Miss = used for young women

Sir = used for men

#3 – Finding a Specific Item

Learn English Online Shopping


khaki shorts – shorts made out of a fabric that is usually light brown and was often used in military clothing

advertisement = a public announcement or promotion of a product

online = on the internet

aisle = a passage between shelves of goods in a store. Usually, they are numbered.

price tag = a label on a product, showing its price


#4 – Finding the Right Size

Learn English Online Clothes Sizes


small < medium < large < extra large = sizes

in stock = available for sale in a store

in my size = in the size that fits me

#5 – Trying Things On

Learn English Online Trying Clothes on


fitting room / dressing room = a small, private room at a store where you can try on clothes you are interested in buying

try this on = try on a piece of clothing to see if it fits and looks right

right this way = please follow me this way

tight = fits too small

loose = fits too big

I’ll take it = I would like to buy it today


#6 – Putting It on Hold

Learn English Online Shopping


purchase = to buy

run an errand = do a task that requires you to go somewhere, such as grocery shopping or picking up laundry

hold it for me = make sure no one else buys it

the counter = the elevated shelf, usually with cash registers, behind which a clerk stands during the transaction


#7 – Returning an Item

Learn English Online Return Clothes

return = to give a product back to the store to get your money back or store credit

to fit = to be the right size

receipt = a piece of paper that proves you bought an item; receipts are given whenever an item is purchased and are usually required for returns

store credit = a coupon that can be used like cash but only at the store that gave it

to refund = to give money back that was used to buy an item that was then returned; refund is also a noun


#8 – Checking Out

Learn English Online Buying Clothes

to check out = to pay for your item(s) and get your receipt before the clerk puts your item in a bag and you leave the store

total = the total cost of everything you are buying

cash = paper money

credit card = a card you can use to pay for things and then pay the bill later.

debit card = a card you can use to pay for things that immediately withdraws money from your bank account

swipe your card = put your card into the credit card machine and slide it up or down so that the machine can read your card

enter your PIN = type your Personal Identification Number; you need to type this to use a debit card, but not a credit card


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