English Tongue Twisters (R and L sounds)

What is a tongue twister?

A tongue twister is a sequence of words that use repeated sounds. Even the most eloquent native English speakers can stumble on their words when they try to say tongue twisters quickly. Sometimes repeated sounds are alternated to add to the challenge. 

What is the #tonguetwisterchallenge?

LingoLoop is excited to announce the #tonguetwisterchallenge! Tongue twisters are such a fun way to build the muscles in your mouth that you need to make the sounds of the English language. It helps a lot to listen to yourself say the sounds. 

So…LingoLoop Teacher Jackie challenges you to record yourself saying these tongue twisters. You can share your videos on social media with the hashtags: #tonguetwisterchallenge and #lingoloop, or you can send them to your favorite LingoLoop tutor. 


Can you say these tongue twisters?

Challenge Level 1 – /R/

Reading alone allows you to really relax.

Challenge Level 2 – /R/ + /L/

Friendly Larry laughs loudly all around the little farm. 

Challenge Level 3 – /R/ + /L/ + /W/

Willy’s real rear wheel


Check out the blog post about How to Improve Your English Pronunciation for a full review of all of the consonant sounds. If you are ready to practice your pronunciation with our expert tutors, sign up for a Lingoloop free trial class today!

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