65 Different Ways to Say Yes in English

say yes in english


What are some different ways to say yes in English? There are so many different ways! This is the way we think about it:

  • the setting (formal versus informal)
  • the tone you would like to communicate (professional, friendly, silly, sarcastic, defensive or rude)
  • the purpose (agreeing to a request, to an opinion, to an offer, or to a suggestion, confirming a fact, or giving permission)


Lingoloop has organized these 65 different ways to yes in English into setting and tone. Can you identify which purpose you might use each for?

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Professional and Clear

These are all different ways to say yes in English that you can use in a professional setting. None of these are particularly enthusiastic – you are simply agreeing.

  1. Agreed
  2. All right
  3. By all means
  4. Certainly
  5. Consider it done
  6. Definitely
  7. Gladly
  8. I’m on it
  9. Of course
  10. Ok
  11. Sounds good
  12. Very well
  13. Yes



Boss: “I think you should work with Jimmy on this one.”
You: “By all means.”


Colleague: “Can you help me with this blog post?”

You: “Certainly.”

Enthusiastically professional

These different ways to say yes in English are still professional, but they provide a bit of extra enthusiasm if you want to show how excited you are to be agreeing.

  1. Absolutely
  2. Indubitably
  3. Indeed
  4. Undoubtedly
  5. Affirmative
  6. I’d be delighted



Boss: “Would you like to work on the new project?”

You: “I’d be delighted!”


Colleague: “Should we grab a drink after work?”

You: “Absolutely!”

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On the other hand, you don’t want to seem too formal when talking to your friends. These different ways to say yes in English are more casual. 

  1. Alright
  2. Cool
  3. For sure
  4. I’d love to
  5. No doubt
  6. No problem
  7. No worries
  8. Roger 
  9. Roger that
  10. Sounds like a plan
  11. Sounds good
  12. Sure
  13. Sure, sure
  14. Sure, sure, sure
  15. Sure thing
  16. Totally
  17. Without a doubt
  18. Ya
  19. Yeah
  20. Yeah, yeah
  21. Yeah, yeah, yeah
  22. Yep
  23. You bet
  24. You got it
  25. Yup



Friend: “Would you like to have lunch sometime?”

You: “Sure, sure, sure. Sounds good.”


Person on the street: “Can I pass by?”

You: “No problem.”

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But there are occasions that are even more casual than just hanging out with your friends. These different ways to say yes in English are downright silly:

  1. Okey dokey
  2. Okaley dokaley
  3. Yuppers
  4. Totes (slang for “totally”)
  5. You betcha (slang for “you bet”)
  6. Alrighty
  7. Alrighty then
  8. Aye aye, captain!



Your spouse: “Can you please help with the dishes?”

You: “Aye aye, captain!”


Your friend: “Do you want to come over later?”

You: “Totes.”

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Sometimes you can say yes without saying anything at all! Here are different ways to say yes with your body:

  1. Nod your head
  2. Thumbs up
  3. Two thumbs up
  4. Two arms up with fists clenched



Your spouse: “Are you picking up the kids?”

You (while on the phone with someone): [Nod your head, give a thumbs up]


And then there are different ways to say yes in English when you don’t really want to say yes.

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Sarcasm is when you say one thing but mean the opposite. It’s all about tone. You hold the end of the word and make the tone go up a little up or down at the end, or just trail off. These are different ways to say yes sarcastically (so, really, you mean “no”).

  1. Yeah, sure.
  2. Uh-huh…
  3. Yeah…
  4. Uh… ok…



Your friend: “I’d rather eat fast food than at some fancy restaurant.”

You: “Yeah, sure…”


Your spouse: “I never ask you to do anything for me!”
You: “Uh-huh.”

Rude / defensive

There are times when you want to agree with someone but perhaps the thing they are saying was stupidly obvious to the point that it’s offensive for them to ask for your agreement. Here are different ways to say yes but with a bit of an attitude:

  1. Obviously
  2. Duh



Your enemy: “Do you know how to tie your shoes?”

You: “Duh.” 


Food server: “I’m sorry you found a hair in your food. Would you like a refund?”

You: “Obviously.”

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Sometimes you agree with someone just to get them to stop talking. In this case, your tone should be aggressive like you are shouting. Here are different ways to say “Enough already!”

  1. Yes!
  2. Fine!
  3. OK!


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