Why Online English Classes? Why Lingoloop?

Online English Class

Have you been considering an online English class? It makes sense for a lot of people. With life’s many demands (career, family, chores) more adults are turning to online English classes to improve their English.


Benefits of an Online English Class

It may be obvious, but here is a short list of reasons why online English classes are becoming more popular with busy adults.


Anywhere, Anytime: With the growth of high speed Internet, students can learn English online from anywhere (with a WiFi signal). Video chat (or VC) is no longer only used on computers – it is just as common for people to use smartphones for VC. Also, most online English programs offer classes at all hours of the day making it very easy for customers to find a time that works with their busy schedules.


Access to Native English Speakers: Even if you live in the USA or Canada, you may not have easy access to native English speakers who are willing to help you improve. Foreign students tend to build their social lives around their native communities in college. Recent immigrants also seek out other expats from their home nation and have few chances to use English.


Small Class Sizes: There are plenty of language schools (both free and paid) that offer in-person tutorial services. However, many of them try to pack in as many students as possible into a given class. This is profitable for the school, but is usually a bad experience for the student. Most companies that offer online English classes feature much smaller class sizes (3 to 4 people) that allow for more interaction and engagement.


Online English Class Lingoloop

Why Lingoloop?


People ask us all the time: “How is Lingoloop different from other online English courses?” On the surface we may seem just like everyone else, but in reality we strived to build a premium learning experience that separates us from the competition.


Our Teachers: We pride ourselves on hiring the best teachers for Lingoloop. Many studied at elite colleges. Some have a master’s degree in education and/or a TEFL certification. All of them have prior experience in the classroom and are trained to listen to the needs of our students.


Our Method: Lingoloop has been designed by educators with over ten years of experience with online teaching (ten years is a lifetime in online education!). The focus of our program is to get students comfortable speaking English as soon as possible. Our teachers listen more than they talk – that’s the key to teaching, and providing great feedback. 100% fluency is not everyone’s goal, and nor should it be. However, we strive to get our students 100% comfortable speaking English – “feel good speaking English” as we like to say.


We Make Learning Fun: Education does not have to be boring. Our customers choose us because they don’t want to sit in a classroom with 30 other people listening to a boring lecture. They want an engaging and memorable experience that they will actually enjoy! Learning is easier when you are having fun.


A Boutique Experience: Many of our competitors are 100% focused on growth and scale above everything else. From the beginning we have been focused on making our customers happy, and it shows. We are proud of our 5-star reviews and our positive testimonials.


Now that you know a little bit about our online English classes, go tell your friends about us. If you are interested in trying Lingoloop, give our FREE TRIAL CLASS a shot. See you in class!


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